Wavelab 12 - UI Issue - Missing files window hidden


A small issue regarding Missing Files window:

I open a project and get the Missing Files window due to renamed files.

If I then open up another window (without relocating missing file), for example Windows Explorer, and then try to go back to the Missing Files window, it is hidden behaind WL and not possible to reach.

It works if you restart WL fix missing files before doing anything else.
This works OK in WL 11.

Anyone who can recreate?


Mac or Windows?


Win 10.

And when Missing window is hidden I cannot close WL as usual but have to go into Task manager and end process. UI is kind of frozen,


Hi PG!

I have another issue with the Missing files dialog, so I just added it here if you are going to look into my issue above. But I can make a separet topic for it if you prefer that.

It does not seem to work when opening multiple AM’s with missing files!

If I open multiple AM’s with missing files at the same time, I get the “Missing Files” dialog and can relocate correct/renamed files for each AM before WL opens up the first AM and displays clips etc.
But when I click on the next AM, I get the “Missing Files” dialog again and have to relocate files all over again for remaining AM’s.

WL doesn’t seem remember I have already gone thru missing files for all AM’s I tried to open!!

How to recreate:

  • Select to open two or more AM’s with missing files at the same time
  • WL opens Missing files dialog for each AM - select correct files and continue
  • WL opens first AM and displays clips
  • Select the next AM WL has “opened”
  • WL now have you go throug Missing Files again

I don’t know if this is the way it is supposed to work for multipl files or if it is a bug.


I will try to reproduce (later).

For the 1st issue, I could not reproduce it, but I have changed something that could help (WaveLab 12.0.20)
For the 2nd issue, this will be solved in WaveLab 12.0.20.

Ok, good…let’s hope and see!!

/Hackej :