Wavelab 12 - Version Info

Not sure how the Wavelab programmers collect ideas hints and tips from the form users for future updates and fixes. But just documenting here an observation regards quickly accessing the Wavelab version info.

My Version Info Use
I have a program on my Mac called Mac Updater which collates info from users around the world concerning the versions of programs out there in the wild. This would identify beta versions if that tester uses the program. The idea is that it compares the version out in the wild to that you are running and alerts you to potential updates. A great little time saver particularly if you runs lots of specialist programs.

This program alerted me to the Wavelab 12 update when comparing to the Wavelab 11 which I left on my system along with the new Wavelab 12.

Wavelab Info

I went to check Wavelab 12 for its current version and noticed that the “Welcome to Wavelab” windows disables the About button presumably as this is intended to be the new About function. However this Welcome to Wavelab window does not appear to have Version Info available. So I have to open a project to get to the data. This adds an additional and unnecessary step.

Is it possible for the Wavelab Version Info to be shown in this window , or have I missed it?


There is no “About button” in this dialog. What do you mean?

Yes, the window caption should better show “WaveLab Pro 12.0” rather than “WaveLab Pro”

Independently from this, the “News” button will show info when a new WaveLab becomes available.

Perhaps I’m not using the appropriate terminology to try to describe the issue.

When I open Wavelab the new welcome to Wavelab window appears (the one with the news option) .
If I try to go to the Wavelab Menus (at the top of the screen on a Mac) before closing this window, ie by creating or selection a project, the about option in the top of screen menu is greyed out. It comes live again (non greyed out) after I’ve created or open a new project.

The welcome to Wavelab window doesn’t show the version info.


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