WaveLab 12 vs 11,2 batchprocessing resampler/ dither

WaveLab 12 vs 11,2 batchprocessing resampler/ dither .
Resampling/dither in the batchprocessor sounds different in WaveLab 12 vs 11.2.
Settings of the resampler and dither are identical, null test is not ok.
Rendering done in WaveLab 12 sounds more aggressive
I imported the batchprocessor settings from my templates in wavelab 11,2.

mac os 14,3,1


Just wonder is this with external and internal plugins or not?
So you compare WL 11.2 render with WL 12.0.10 render and they
don’t Null when comparing? For me personal hard to believe
I mean very many is using WL 11.2 and WL 12.0.10 by daily basis…

regards S-EH

These parts are identical in WaveLab 11 and 12.

Resampler form wavelab
Dither = maat plug in, which is included in wavelab.

So why do they not null?
I use the same master file 96kHz64bit
The difference is also audible.
Wl 12sounds more brittle.

Normal. Dithering typically involves adding a low level of noise, which incorporates some degree of randomness. Therefore, running it twice will, in principle, yield different results.

To me the difference seems too big to only be caused by the randomness of the dithering.
I will check tomorrow in my studio.

I just down-sampled a 64F/96kHz file to 44.1k and in WaveLab 11.2 and 12, and the null test is 100%, there is no difference. Of course, I don’t use differing.