Wavelab 4 in Windows 7

I have been using Wavelab 4 for years now and am very happy with everything that it does. I’ve certainly got my mony’s worth.

I got a new Dell for Christmas with Windows 7 on it, and Wavelab does nothing but crash. Does anyone know if it will work, or is there a patch?

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Many people have tried to get WL4 working in Win7, some with success I believe. There have been quite some topics on it in the old forum. Try searching especially for Vista and WL4, since most of the problems occurred with that OS, which is similar to WL7.

EDIT: Sorry forgot the link to the search info:


Good info. Thx!

Found this on the cubase webboard. Posted by:
William Hicks

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The patch that was posted, with a minor modification, will work with Wavelab 4.

I don’t see anything shady or illegal about the patch. It includes only two files–an XP version of a Windows file called comdlg32.dll (the Vista version is responsible for Wavelab crashing upon trying to open/save), and a modified version of a Wavelab file called CommonVcPh.dll. The modification is minor, altering only two characters in a text string, so that it will look for the XP version of comdlg32.dll (the patch gives it the name comdlgxp.dll).

For the patch to work with Wavelab 4, the Wavelab 4 version of CommonVcPh.dll has to be used instead of the Wavelab 5 version, and a hex editor has to be used to edit a single mention of “comdlg32.dll” in the file, so that it will instead look for “comdlgxp.dll.”

All that remains is to insert both files into the Wavelab folder, and then set Wavelab 4 up to run in Windows XP Service Pack 2 Compatbility Mode. Afterwards, it works flawlessly with Windows Vista.

Is this the real fix for W7? Does anyone have these files for downloading?

Could anyone at Steinberg offer a real solution?

It may works however WL4 is very old and you may simply not be able to install it on a new computer because of the older original installation disc (and its “hardware” security feature) will not be recognized by your (modern) CD/DVD Rom drive unless you still use an old PATA CD-ROM drive. The same is valid for WL3, WL4, WL5 and WL6 prior to v6.1.1.
If you have problems installing or running WL4, you’ll don’t have other choice than to upgrade at least to WL 6.1.1 or to WL7 I’m afraid.


Bernard Focquet

Is there a install patch for this fix to make my WL 4.0 work in Win 7. I read your reply but I don’t have the $ to just buy a new current copy of WL. I want to get my 4.0 working in my Win 7 updated computer. See my original post link below


Has anyone already did the fix with this and if so, How did it work and would you be kind enough to send me a copy on the comdlgxp.dll. file. I downloaded a free Hex editor but I can’t change anything it won’t let me. I think it is protected.

Hi Stephgirl, I can not give you any help other than support your request since I have the same problems so I would also be very interested in a solution. Is there any nerd out there who can solve this!