Wavelab 4 not burning CD text

I know that this is the wrong forum but it looks like they don’t allow posting on the Wavelab forum for anything version 6 and older. If an admin sees this and can move it to a better location please do so.

I have Wavelab4 which I legally purchased quite a few years ago. I haven’t needed to use it for a long time and I’m thinking up upgrading to 6 or 7 but I have a problem. I have a client that needs a remastered disc with the CD text and ISRC codes embedded on the disc but every time I try to burn a disc and read it back none of the text or track names are present. It used to work but I remember that it was used on a Win98 machine with older burners. I’m using a much more modern machine with updated burners and drivers. I did apply the latest official patch and burner updates but still have the same problem.

Does anyone know if there is any kind of fix for this problem and what may be causing it. I do have all the options checked for burning CD text.