Wavelab 5 & Windows 7 Home Premium

Is there any way to get Wavelab 5 to work in the above environment? Running it in Windows XP compatibility mode doesn’t seem to work. I can openfiles, and edit them, but they will not save or save as…Thanks for your help.

Nope, your lucky you even got it to run! I just bought WL 7 elements for this reason. I tried every trick in the book and I asked the same questions. Elements is under $100 Can and well worth the upgrade.

Hi, I was experiencing the same problems as you are with Windows 7 Premium. Are you using Wavelab as a stand alone program, or are you launching Wavelab as an external editor from within Cubase?

I was able to get my Wavelab Essential to work properly after assigning it as the external editor and launching Wavelab from within Cubase. No more crashes or closing of Wavelab for me as long as I don’t use it as a stand alone program. :slight_smile: