Wavelab 6 - editing same sound on multiple audio records


I am a first time user of wave lab, so please go easy on me.

I am trying to cut out a piece like 0.5 seconds of a 3 second recording. I have 10 000 audio files, they all approximately the same, and have this irritating sound at the end like a button was pushed on it.

Any idea how i can cut out this audio simultaneously? instead of going into each one individually.

Its a wave file and each recording is between 1.8 - 3 seconds. all recordings have the same speech eg: my name is John.

any advice or steer will great!


You can use Auto Split in the Tools menu to cut exactly 500ms (or whatever) from the Tail of all files in a folder and subfolders (use “Cut Head and Tail” and then just disable Head). I would try that first with some test copy files and see if it does what you need.

If not, there might be other more specific methods targeting the noise, but they’re probably more complicated. I’m not sure.

Or in Auto Split, use the Find And Cut Silence function adjusting the db or percentage threshold to keep the voice and remove the noise (if the noise is lower level than the voice). With that you could also get Head and Tail trim, which might be beneficial. Open one of the audio files, and look at the db or percentage scale (right click to toggle) to the left on the Audio File to know what to adjust the threshold.

Thank you Bob, let me have a rack at it.