Wavelab 6, markers (.mrk)


My WAV audio files and markers (.mrk) were created using WL 5 or 6 under Windows XP Pro.

My problem, I can no longer move my generic markers, and this when using WL 6.11 under Windows 10. In the Track View, when moving said markers, an x appears above the marker head, resulting in markers being deleted. I’m able to create and delete markers.

How can I resolve?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Robert Richard

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I don’t know if this is the problem because I don’t have Wavelab 6 installed any more, but are you sure you’re not dragging the marker above the little divider bar just over the top of the marker head? That will always make the X appear and will delete the marker if you let go while you’re up there, because that’s what it’s supposed to do, an easy way to delete markers.

But I’ve done that myself unintentionally when trying to move a marker many times, in all versions of Wavelab.

Try dragging the marker down-only, then across, when moving it and see if that works.

Thanks Bob99. When dragging markers above or below the title divider, I still get the same results…

Oops, I found the problem! Working with two monitors on one computer, it’s my new system since end of December 2016. When I moved WL 6 to my other screen, I was able to move said markers freely. Problem is resolve.

Gosh! I apologize. This post can be marked as resolve.