Wavelab 6 on W7 crashes when try open wav file

Hi, I had to reinstall after a hard drive crash and tried installing several times.
Seems to install and open fine but when I try to open a wav it shuts down.
Version has a dongle which is present.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I don’t really have an answer, but maybe some things to try:

. Make sure to install the latest installer:

. Install the latest version of eLicenser software and run Maintenance in it.

. Right-click / Run Wavelab as Admin.

. Create another admin user on the computer and try running Wavelab from that account.

After looking for Wavelab 6 settings files to delete, and not finding any, I just realized I probably never knew of any.

Thanks Bob,
I downloadede 6.1.1 installer and installed then ran as admin.
Didn’t even get to the elicenser but I am good to go now.
All things I should have thought to try…
Thanks again!