WaveLab 7.0.1 Update available

WaveLab 7.0.1 Update available
Steinberg today releases a new, extensive maintenance update for its industry-leading
mastering program, WaveLab 7. The new update includes a wealth of enhancements and
addresses issues that have been reported by our valued customers.

The new update will further improve the stability and usability of WaveLab 7 in areas such as
plug-ins, file handling, transport, Audio Montage, burning engine/CD, Batch Processing,
keycommands, time-stretching, editing, recording, rendering and the graphical user interface.
Please refer to the WaveLab 7.0.1 Version History document for more details.

This massive maintenance update is available free of charge and can be downloaded
here: WaveLab support area

I have been trying since the December Newsletter arrived with a link, but I have been unable to download either the patch or the version pdf (PC versions), possibly timed out or access refused. I’ve been unable to find any information in either the forum or the knowledge base about how to download. I have tried turning off my firewall, and using an FTP client. I am not having problems with downloads from other sites. Is there a problem, or is some secret knowledge required?