Wavelab 7.01 problem

As you can see I am a registered user of Cubase 6, but I am trying out Wavelab 7 and have a problem writing a basic audio CD. Steinberg’s new forum system restricts me from having a voice in the Wavelab forum until I buy and register Wavelab 7, so as I am merely trialing the software at this stage I am sending this in hope that someone from this forum can help.

I have to say I am fairly unimpressed with the Wavelab docummentation compared to that supplied with Cubase. I had to Google it to even work out how to even create a basic audio cd (there may be some design issues there guys!). Obviously once you know it’s not rocket science.

I am very simply trying to write a CD of a 2 hour programme I recorded off the radio (for my own use). I recorded it to DAT (believe it or not!) and recorded it into Wavelab. I have a single wav file to play with and have used CD Track Splice markers to break the programme up so that you can skip to the next record etc.

By default Wavelab 7 adds annoying pauses (I have already written a few coasters as a consequence!) and I am trying to take out the 2 second pauses otherwise you get a lack of continuity when you play the CD. I have done this under the Options menu within the Basic Audio CD menu, but when I check the CD conformity, I get the following message:

“The end marker of track 1 is not aligned on a CD frame boundary. This is not allowed since a track without pause follows. To solve this problem, modify the quantification status of the marker in the marker Edit dialog (right-click on the track-end marker head and open the Edit dialog).”

What is a CD frame boundary? If I try to change the marker the marker seems to go altogether! Please help!

Are you using the Montage feature for this? Montage is where your CD listings are mainly done. I think Wavelab, as a professional product, assumes the user has more knowledge (from other sources) about the way CDs are compiled before they buy the program. I presume that’s why there are apparently “holes” in the docs.

:wink: Also try doing it from C6 (Export function). If you find a good system for your own needs that’s maybe all you need and can save yourself some cash.

Nice one mate! Thank you.

With long live music files I will load them into Cubase, edit the separate numbers and cut them to size. Top and tail them. Strip out the litter, put them on different tracks and batch export to one folder and as often than not just burn a CD using Windows Media Player.*
It does take time to learn to organise a system for Wavelab and it is more a commercial professional’s tool that needs more deliberation to use.

  • To any picky commentators. That’s not the whole story. As long as the OP gets it.