Wavelab 7.1.1 Question

Hi PG, I have the Waves Horizon bundle and with the large number of plugins, they are not displaying correctly when selecting from either the VST or VST3 slots. The plugins are loaded correctly in Wavelab per the Plugin Organization dialog box. They just don’t display correctly when trying to select one. Is this corrected in the upcoming 7.1.1 release or is there a work-around to address this behavior near-term. Thanks!


Do you have a screen shot to show what you mean?

Attached is a screen shot showing about half the loaded plugins at the top of the VST list. It’s running on a MacBook with 1280x800 resolution. If I drag the Wavelab window to my secondary monitor (1920x1080), I can get it to work by positioning such that the whole plugin list fits. So I guess that’s a work around. Thx.
Screen Shot.jpg

Yes, this is issue is meant to be fixed.

Great - thx, PG.

Hi PG, just a heads-up this is still broke in the 7.1.1 version, though the behavior is different. When I hover my mouse over the Waves plugin label in the VST or VST3 list, nothing appears to the right versus the prior behavior of half the Horizon plugins being shown. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to better characterize the behavior for you. Cheers,

Working with this more, the large Waves plugin list is being displayed however it’s on my secondary versus primary (laptop LCD) monitor. Of course this doesn’t work because once I move the mouse on the primary monitor to select a plugin, the Waves list goes away on the secondary monitor. Also, the functionality on the secondary monitor works better with 7.1.1. The large Wave’s plugin list displays correctly regardless of where the Wavelab window is located on the secondary monitor. So for now I’ll stick with the secondary monitor.

One final observation, after unplugging the secondary monitor from the MacBook, the long Waves plugin list is displayed on the primary monitor. However, the items lowest in the list are not visible on-screen. The arrow keys will move past the bottom-right hand item on the list and keep going, but the list does not shift on-screen nor can you read those plugins off-screen. After plugging the secondary monitor back in, the behavior reverts to the description in the previous post.

So it seems there are two issues. The first is displaying and scrolling long plugin lists that exceed the amount that can be displayed on a single monitor screen. The second is the way a long plugin list is handled when a secondary monitor is plugged in. And the functionality seems ok when both Wavelab and q long plugin list are both on the secondary monitor.

To make sure I get your points all right, It would be nice to have a screen shot. Thanks.

Here you go, PG. The “Wavelab On Primary” and “Wavelab on Primary List On Secondary” go together. You can see the mouse hovering over the Waves selection on the primary, but the plugins are displayed on the secondary. The “Wavelab On Secondary” shows the application dragged to the secondary monitor, working as expected. The “Wavelab On Primary Secondary Unplugged” shows the plugin list filling the primary screen, but it’s incomplete with the lowest plugins not visible nor anyway to see them in the list. You can still use the arrow keys to move through the plugins, but they are off-screen to the right (for example, plugins starting with the letter X and Z).

Hope this helps.
Wavelab on Primary Secondary Unplugged.jpg
Wavelab on Primary List on Secondary.jpg
Wavelab on Primary.jpg

Here’s the last screenshot – could only attach three to the prior message.
Wavelab on Secondary.jpg