Wavelab 7.2.1 (64) and Algorithmix reNOVAtor

Hi everyone!
few days ago I upgraded my audio recording and mastering system a with new WIN10 computer (HP Z4G4 workstation), installed PRO TOOLS HDX Ultimate 2019… , 2 UAD2 octo core accelerator cards, UAD ultimate and Waves Diamond bundle…
On previous system WIN XP (HP XW8200) and PRO TOOLS 8HD I also had installed WAVELAB 7.2.1 and ALGORITHMIX reNOVAtor 2.1. In that case I could see an icon (reNOVAtor) in WL toolbar and also in tools meni were reNOVAtor available and everything worked without any problems.
Then I decided to find out if WL7 works in WIN10 (I read some stuff on this forum). I installed “wavelab_pro_win_patcher_7.2.1.600” and then “WaveLab_7.2.1_Win8_Patch64”. I also installed “Algorithmix reNOVAtor 2.5 64bit”. All licences I have on eLicencer key (updated and the latest eLicencer software on my WIN10 computer). I started WL7(64) without any problems (some minor issue is that I can’t see “PUNCHER” plug in anymore which I used a lot, but I can live without it - I have UAD and Waves plug ins). But the major problem is that I can’t use reNOVAtor in WL anymore (not available in tools meni neither icon doesn’t exist in WL toolbar, like on the same version of WL in WIN XP). ReNOVAtor 2.5 stand alone (via algoedit) works fine, but editor is cumbersome and you can’t change the audio output (default on computer internal audio card). I more prefer WL, I’ve been working with for more than last 10 years.
My question is: is the only way to use reNOVAtor in WL again to upgrade WL7 to WL9? (I found some posts in this forum that reNOVAtor works in WL9 again)?
I will be grateful for any advice.
Best regards. :unamused:

Puncher appears in Wavelab 7 32 bit on Windows 10, but not in Wavelab 7 64 bit on Windows 10. If you had Puncher before, you most likely had the 32 bit version of Wavelab 7 installed on XP, because Puncher appears to be a 32 bit plugin only.

You could install the 32 bit version of Wavelab 7 on Windows 10 (I have both 32 and 64 installed, and the installer says both can coexist), to see if the 32 bit Renovator works in that.

Or you could demo Wavelab 9.5 (which is 64 bit only) to see if the 64 bit Renovator works in that.