Wavelab 7/8.5 Windows 7 32 and 64bit Algorithmix problems

My Algorithmix dongles work fine on my old computer running 32bit Windows XP
But on Windows 7 Wavelab 6/7/8/8.5 and 9 I can access in the VST and Direct X windows but as soon as I try and open Scratch Free or Noise Free the computer states there is no dongle - Easy Blue works fine but that;s it. Renovator also works well using the Wibu key.
Same occurs when I try using one of the new 64bit computers - Renovator is fine but nothing else - try opening Scratch free and the Wavelab crashes. I have updated all the E Licensor/Wavelab and Windows 7 programmes to no avail.
Any suggestions gratefully received. ASlgorithmix neither answers Emails nor telephones.

I have no idea if this will help at all with your particular Algorithmix plugins, but the “solution” for the poster in the following thread was to run Wavelab in XP compatibility mode, then switch back out of compatibility mode.

Many Thanks! But I wonder how to instruct Wavelab 8.5 or Wavelab 7 to run in compatibility mode!! I will try and find out! Much appreciate your help. Best j