Wavelab 7 and CMC AI controller

Hi PG! I’ve just got a CMC AI controller (primarily for Cubase) and basically it works great with Wavelab. I have a few questions though regarding it’s usage. First of all, will it be possible to switch the Dim LED function as in Cubase in an update, sometime. The second thing is the Volume control. In a mastering software I don’t think that it is a good idea to adjust the master volume in the master rack, instead it would be great to adjust a control volume for the listening level somehow, as in Cubase. The third thing is programming the buttons of CMC AI in Wavelab. I would like to reprogram the F4 button for dropping markers, but it seems that it is not possible.

For F4, you should be able to do it from Options > Customize commands.
Buf for this to work, you have also to set this CMC device as the device for MIDI shortcuts, in Options > Remote Devices.

Unfortunately the Insert Generic Marker command (Ins button on the keyboard) cannot be found in the Customize Commands list, it seems you cannot assign MIDI command for it.

In fact, it’s there:

Thank you PG it’s working indeed. I was looking for it in the Options > Customize commands as you wrote in your first post. I didn’t realize that there was a Customize commands in the Marker menu as well. (The Help Content gives not too much information on this.) Regarding my first question in this topic, will be possible some time to switch on the Dimmer LED function in CMC units in Wavelab? In dark studio situation it’s quite useful.