WaveLab 7 and OS X 10.9

Recently I updated my 2012 Mac Pro to OS X 10.9. WaveLab 7 started to crash randomly many times a day. I also use a UAD-2 Quad card and a Lynx AES16e card. I contacted Steinberg Support and heard back…

"I’m sorry but WaveLab 7 is not supported for 10.9. Wavelab 8 is not officially supported for 10.9 yet, but there is information on it: https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/steinberg-product-compatibility-info-regarding-mac-os-x-109-mavericks

The link sends me to a page that suggests I install the CoreAudio2ASIO patch. I did and it wouldn’t install.

I’ve used WaveLab for about 7 or 8 years and have no major issues with it. I could even say I love WaveLab.

My question is:

Is Steinberg working on a fix?

If so, could we hear from them with an estimate of when it may be available?

If anything, communication is the key to good customer relations. So far it almost seems like zero communication is what’s available.

Sorry, WaveLab 7 is not going to be updated for OSX 10.9
WaveLab 8 is the only solution.

That all I get is “Sorry”? I’ve invested quite a bit of money on WaveLab and I’m not going to sett for sorry. Since it’s not published, I would like the company’ support phone number.

WL7 is from September 2010, that’s more than 3 years ago, with WL8 appearing in April this year. If you were so attached to it, why update the Mac? And why expect fixes for old versions from any software maker, when Apple breaks things by releasing new OS versions? WL4 still works on my old Win XP box, but if I want to keep it that way I surely won’t touch the OS…

I had to upgrade my OS on the Mac because there were enough issues that forced me to do it. There was a partition error which made it impossible to do a reboot from the restore part of the drive. Apple recommended that I dl OS X 10.9, wipe the drive and reboot from 10.9. That worked but I was not aware this would create any problems. I now understand that this whole thing was Apple’s fault. 10.7 was pre-installed when I purchased the Mac Pro, so there was no chance of re-installing from a CD. Changing everything up with no notice and keeping any changes a secret before and after the new release. Of course, if I had any idea that this is how it would end, I would have steered clear any update.

How can I reach Steinberg support and or customer service by telephone?

This Steinberg news message of just two days ago, speaks of ‘Hotline opening hours’ in 2014, but it seems here that USA is not listed… You could try the UK number - looks like a regular one.