Wavelab 7 and Windows 8 ?


what about the support of Wavelab 7 in Windows 8 ?
I know, Win 8 isn’t an offical releases now, but I’ve got my final Win8 Version as MSDN subscriber.

WL7 64bit crashes at start with an Error in BEX64. On the same Computer with Windows 7 64 Bit all works fine.



Edit: WL7 32 Bit works fine for me in Windows 8. Just tested.

Same here. Using Windows 8 64-bit. Wavelab 7 64-bit not working. Heads up.

Meanwhile Windows 8 was released, but WaveLab 7 (x64) still crashes at startup.

A fix would be much appreciated!

Nothing is broken; WL7 was developed to be used on Windows 7. What I think Steinberg should do though, is change the ‘Windows 8 and Steinberg Products’ message on the Steinberg site. It now says “Our initial tests showed no compatibility issues with Steinberg products”, but nothing is said about Wavelab.

Every company needs more consumers like you! Congratulations!!!

Ah, I’m glad you get it. :smiley:


we’re currently investigating this topic. There will be an official statement very soon.

Thanks for your patience,

Hi Sentenced …

I was curious as to what you saw as the compelling advantages … for a busy commercial studio …of an immediate transition to Windows 8?

This is a ‘genuine’ question.

I don’t see a single one. I only see people who are unable to defend their position in the market as buyers (in this case), and step down so easily.

HitTheDrum only asked for a possible fix and that it would be much appreciated. Nothing crazy whith this - absolutely no need for a follow up in the opposite direction IMO.

Hello, this is correct, most users do not run a commercial studio but maybe they own a new PC with Windows 8 and could be a problem for them installing even Elements.
I run Elements 32bit on Windows 8 x64 and everything seems to be perfect. Happy with it.
For sure Steinberg did not even mention Wavelab in their statement, this is not correct, I suppose.

I have this Wavelab 64 non-start on Win8 64 too. I’m still working on it to see if I’ve missed a setting but then I’m still getting to grips with Win8 and it’s foibles so if it’s user-fixable it’ll probably take me a week. Curious that Elements7 32bit works though.
Cubase seems to be working fine. Just a thought, could get a red face but update the eLicenser? I’ll probably realise why that’s all wrong in a minute.

Same issue here, updated eLicenser and framework does not work.
I find it very dissapointing that people start to challenge the value of Win8 in a production enviroment
The Issue is that WL is NOT working and that there is no statement on if and when this will be resolved
while we get a very comprehensive celebration email from Steinberg on all the products that are working (no word about WL on there either)

1 - Stop questioning Win8
2 - Don’t leave us in the dark, but take point of view on x64 either yes (with a when) or no…

So, what can you name as values of Win8 in a production environment? I’m really curious.

Many reports of distinctly better performance. I have yet to investigate this myself, but am impressed how easily it runs on the low-end machine I’ve installed it on.


I wouldn’t jump there yet if work was urgent or you didn’t have a spare machine to test on.
Review month by month and then decide for yourself would be my recommendation.

I don’t test but rather read about experiences others have, or recommendations from my software suppliers. And don’t worry, I have never gone to a new OS sooner than a year (or more) after initial release. I have a very smooth running system and no need to explore…

The advice is there for others rather than yourself. You seem like you know your stuff.

I don’t understand why one needs to justify to migrate
The topic is "it doesn’t work, (when) will it work? "

The topic is not “i’m going to tell you why you should not use Win8, or i’m very happy with my Win7 or XP”
It’s not that people who explore Win8, are being stupid and ask for this to happen.
Got several production systems and could now choose Win8 with WL7 x86 or Win7 with x64

So please refrain from lecturing people on what thy should or shouldn’t do.
Or contribute to solution to get it work. Rather than challenging and trolling people that they should not explore.
If you run a business that depends on IT i find it strange that you refrain from readyness testing…
Nearly as strange as Steinberg being fully prepared in the Cubase lob, but being clinically dead in the WL Department regarding readyness testing…


Nearly as strange as Steinberg being fully prepared in the Cubase lob, but being clinically dead in the WL Department regarding readyness testing…

Time will tell sooner or later and about OS if we talk ProTools
then it’s very common to wait… before OS is QA to be sure it’s working
and I think PG will chime in and tell more when the time is…

regards S-EH

Would you mind terribly if I lecture you on why you attempting to use software that is in no way supported on the OS you are attempting to use it on? And then you complain that it doesn’t work?

WL7 is specially designed for Windows 7/XP. If you are not running it on either of these - there is little point in howling about issues you already know cannot be fixed.

Timo has already stated that “something” will be said at some point. Could be tomorrow - could be upon the release of WL8…no one knows.

Your choices are clear - wait to see what he says OR use WL with a correct OS. But endless complaining is pointless.