Wavelab 7 audio playback issues and uninstallation

My computer is a Quad-Core MacPro, (2 x 2.66 Dual-Core Intel Xeon), with 9 GB of RAM, running Snow Leopard 10.67.
Audio Card is M-box 2 Pro.
I run Wavelab 7.1, the latest version.

Today Wavelab started developing all sorts of issues:

  • Audio sounded odd, with some digital overtones.
  • After every stop the overtones would be different
  • Playback head sometimes was offset from where the sound was playing
  • There was a lag between when I stopped playback and when the actual sound stopped.
  • The meters in Wavelab did not show any activity, whether the Play through MasterSection was active or not.
  • etc.

I checked the audio playback using both Mbox and built-in audio card and the result is the same. I deleted the application (by deleting the Wavelab.app from Application folder) and reinstalling it again; repaired disk permissions, etc. - nothing fixed this.
The Audio playback is bad only in Wavelab. I can play the audio files back in the Finder, or any other application and it sounds fine. Only Wavelab has issue.

Also, I noticed that after reinstalling Wavelab, it still opens with the same audio files which I had open before I deleted Wavelab from the Application folder. That tells me that there is some kind of file hidden somewhere which is not being deleted.
I’d like to completely delete Wavelab from my system. How do I do that?

Hopefully after complete uninstallation of Wavelab, I can install it and all will work correctly.

Please help ASAP!!!


I ended up doing a fresh install of Mac-OSX and now Wavelab functions the way it’s supposed to.
Hopefully the problem does not return tomorrow!