wavelab 7 completely inaccessible

Hi. I am just trying wavelab7 and its completely inaccessible! Wavelab6 was not too bad, but you are using the qt library and I can’t access a thing. I am using WindowEyes and we have some qt support, but you are not exposing the wigits necessary for that to work.I have not tried the MAC version – did you give any thought to VoiceOver accessibility at all?

Any assistance on this would be appreciated.

Accessibility options are disabled in the Windows version, because of performance issues. I could enable them in the future, as an option.
I think you could try the Mac version, in the mean time.

Performance issues? If I can’t use the program – this is some performance issue – if I have to use the MAC version – even if it works, its a slower machine, so I have performance issues there as well. Do you know if the MAC version is VO compatible – did you label the controls and expose them according to the COCO specs?


There is no MAC VoiceOver specific support. You are only informed about what dialog or window opens.

I tried the MAC version and it is completely inaccessible – I can’t even get the menu bar normally displayed to get the apple mnu, etc. All I get is unknown for each item and interacting with unknown gives nothing.

Excuse me, I forgot one important work, I meant:
There is no MAC VoiceOver specific support.

Well, can you put it in? It may work even better than doing it in Windows.

I have to evaluate this.

I am not sure, but I think vlc is using the qt framework – or some kind of multi-platform gui, and for the most part the version for the MAC works great with VoiceOver – this may be a good starting point to look at.