Wavelab 7 DEMO for Mac Uninstall feature??

This will probably get deleted but since my Cubase login won’t allow me to ask this question on the Wvelab forum (I don’t know why) her goes. Does the Wavelab 7 MAc demo have an uninstall feature??

It was a MAJOR pain to manually uninstall the Halion demo and I don’t want to go through that again.



There is no knowledge base for uninstalling of WaveLab on the offical Steinberg web page. But, there is, how to uninstall Cubase/Nuendo. Meybye, it helps. You can find it here (after login to your MySteinberg account)

THanks for the reply. I was able to easily uninstall. Hopefully when the demo time is up I don’t get warnings like with HalionSonic.