Wavelab 7 does not reckognize cd burner

Hi there
I have burnt serveral audio cd’s with mu current set up (even one this morning) but suddenely Wavelab does not see my CD burner anymore. When I want to burn an audio cd I have only the option to generate a DDP file. I have tried the refresh button in that dialog. I have restarted the computer etc. Nothing has changed in my setup this morning!

The cd burner is working normally with other programs.

Any suggestions?
Is there a way to reset or to clear a blacklist?


Open CD burner dialog without cdr media
then you should see your cd burner
then insert cdr media, this is how it works on OSX and WL7

regards S-EH

Hi! Thanks for the response.

The cd burner is empty. Still does not work!

What operating system?

W7 64 bit, WL7 application on 32 bit

The strange thing is it worked normally this morning…

Did you reboot?

Yes I have rebooted, did a firmware update of the burner, checked for driver updates. No results sofar…

Maybe this is an installation problem. I advise to download “Driver_Installer_x86_x64.exe”
from this page:

and run it.

Hi Philippe, I have done this driver update, no results.

As said, noting was changed in my set up, no updates whatsoever and Wavelab suddenely does not see the cd burner anymore. It only sees it for importing audio tracks.

I have trashed the userpreferences and rebooted. It still hase the same problem.

No solution yet!

Any suggestions?

Did you try with another software? Maybe your hardware has a fault?

Perhaps it is the burner indeed. It does read cd’s properly with other software. I do not have other audio cd burning software.

I have installed an other old cd burner now and that works fine…

Actually you do - Windows 7 has built-in burning facilities.


I have the same problem with the internal cd burner of my laptop. Wavelab 7 does not recognize it. Wavelab 6 does. However, I use a better quality external USB 2.0 burner by HP and that works fine in Wavelab 7.

I’ve had similar issues with earlier Wavelab versions too with different drives. I downloaded a fix from Steinberg but don’t remember the name of the file anymore for the earlier versions.

update: After installing the v7.1 patch, the internal drive in my laptop is also recognized. :smiley: