Wavelab 7 Fade Curve Handles

Hello All:

How does one get the fade curve handles to appear in the Waveform window to adjust the fade shape in Wavelab 7? The options in Process>Fade-in/Fade-out only apply a fade with no control.

Thank you for your help.

Edit: 20121014 01:16 GMT

A search for “fade in” or “fade out” doesn’t seem to yield much information in the manual or help for Wavelab 7, even for the montage (so simple that it doesn’t need to be in the manual maybe?). It seems like this was easier to do in previous versions. I would appreciate it if someone could walk me through it.

Thanks again.

Wavelab 7.2.1 (64) on Windows 7 Professional (64).

Non-destructive actions like that are done in the montage.



Create a Montage, import a wav
click on the very first fade dot (yellow turns to red color) at the clip’s very start to the left
now you should see in “Focused clip” Linear to Exponential Fade-In
if you don’t see Focused clip go to Menu / Workspace / Specific Tool Window
and select Focused clip in the list

click on the very last Fade dot in a Clip and you see in Focused clip Fade-out

In WL 7 Help search for “Focused Clip window”

regards S-EH