Wavelab 7 freezes Win XP - I know it's not supported *sigh*

I decided to get Wavelab 7 and give it a try even though I’m still on Windows XP. I think the new layout is pretty amazing actually… however, the meters freeze regularly… it seems that every 30 seconds or so, the entire program will freeze up for maybe 5 seconds, and then continue on normally. Is this something I can fix, or do you think it is because I do not have Windows 7?


I can encourage you by saying that we run 7.0.1 on XP Professional SP3 on an almost new machine without encountering anything like your experiences. In fact it’s been pretty well rock solid. The first version of 7 was also solid without a crash as far as I can recall.

So, the combination of XP and WL7 may not be your issue as such.

Maybe check the obvious and ensure that the WL dongle is in fact on its own USB … ie not shared on a hub with another device like an iLok or other dongle.

I have seen something similar when you try to save a setting on a certain iLok licensed plug. Elements of the screen freeze as the plug does what feels like a detailed dongle call to the iLok. But this of course isn’t really a WL matter. Maybe see if the behavior is related to a particular plug being active.

What computer hardware do you have? Dual-core is a considered a minimum.

No problems here with WL7 and XP Pro SP3. In fact they run GREAT together!!!

How power full a PC do you have? How much memory?

Yeah, it’s a bit of an older machine. It’s 2.8ghz single core, 1.5GB RAM.

The culprit is your CPU not XP…


I do have access to a dual processor machine (2 processors, but both are only single core). I wonder if I will have better luck with that one. I’ll give it a try.

i´m still running an “old” p4 3,2 ghz here with win xp sp2 with no problems in wl 7.

I think this may be a bug and not just my computer… I have noticed that this only seems to happen when I have “monitor audio input” enabled.

I have 2 computers set up - one is my DAW running Cubase. The other computer has Wavelab on it. I like to use the meters in Wavelab to monitor in realtime the signal coming from the DAW computer. When the freeze happens, the entire computer freezes for maybe 5 seconds, and then it unfreezes and runs normal for maybe 10 seconds… then it freezes for 5 seconds again, and then runs normal for 10 seconds - over & over. While doing this, I am monitoring using the RME mixer. The audio from the DAW computer (Cubase) comes into the 2nd computer (Wavelab) on inputs 3 & 4 of the RME card, and I use the RME mixer to route the input channels 3 & 4 right back out the SPDIF outputs (which goes to my monitors). I have NO PROBLEM at all with the audio… the audio continues to playback fine even when the computer is temporarily frozen… The only problem is Wavelab’s meters freezing & then unfreezing OVER and OVER and OVER again and again while “monitor audio input” is enabled.

If it’s my computer, why does everything work fine when I have “Monitor Playback” active. I only have this problem when “Monitor Audio Input” is active?

I upgraded my computer finally to a dual core. I’m running Windows 7 64-bit as well. Now, things work perfectly. I’m happy… :slight_smile: