Wavelab 7 issues/ comments

I’m not sure if theres an area for this, so…

In the new Wavelab 7… why did they take away the ability to right click and choose fades/ cuts/ etc?
I really miss that in the new version.

Also, once I render a track with say a vst or multiple vst’s - it doesn’t act the same as wavelab 6 as disable the vst’s that were applied… it continues to process with those fx on. Shouldn’t it turn them off after rendering?

When I shut down Wavelab 7 without a wave file open… the vst bridge still has the previous vst fx open in it.
Shouldn’t it clear thosefor a new project?

Thanks for listening! I absolutely love the new layout in 7 it’s one of my favorite programs. Thanks!

I assume you are talking of the montage? In WL7 for opening the context menu you don’t have to click on the fade volume curve but just right click into the clip. The context menu which opens now has a section for fade-in or fade-out resp., where you can select the desired fades.
And don’t forget that you can assign keyboard short cuts for every command in the context menu (look in the active clip menu at the bottom of the process part.)

In WL7 you have the option in the render dialog to bypass the master section in the rendered file. The status of this option is indicated for every open wav file at the very right bottom with a little filter sign. This status can be turned on or off by clicking on this filter.

You can easily delete all plugins from the master section before closing WL7 with one single keyboard shortcut, which you can assign in the master section presets dialog at the bottom of the master section: Just assign a shortcut to an empty master section. I am not sure, but I think there is a predefined preset already which should be “L” on the keyboard.