Wavelab 7 Mac Crashes

I’m hamstrung by all the crashes that’s occurring trying to use Wavelab 7.1 (Mac 10.6.7) for batch processing.

I work in video games and need to be able to batch process thousands of files at a time. Here are the issues I’m facing:

  1. Many times when I try to open a plugin in the master section, Wavelab crashes. This happens on a number of different plugins. Some are Waves, some are Sound Toys, and some are Steinberg that come with the program.

  2. Any time I try to batch process more than 140 files, Wavelab crashes. Again, this is with any type of plugin.

  3. If I try to batch process and don’t have any plugins in the master section and don’t have an audio file open in the editor, the batch process crashes after 2 files.

I have several bundles of plugins installed. Waves, Sound Toys, Altiverb 6, Speakerphone, Izotope, etc. The Mac is a 2x2.4 quad core with 12GB of RAM running 10.6.7.

I would appreciate any help on this as these crashes are severely interfering with my ability to get my work done. I love the possibilities of what Wavelab 7 is capable of doing, but if this doesn’t get any better, I’ll have no choice but to move to another editor.

Please help.


Why haven’t you posted this in the Wavelab7 forum, you’re more likely to get answers there ?

There’s no “New Topic” button when I go to that page.

Then you probably haven’t registered properly in your MySteinberg account.

Check to see if you registered both WL7 & the eLicencer correctly.

If you think you did, then leave a note in the Forum Issues section for the Mod’s to see and they should help you.

Good luck !