WaveLab 7 on Windows 10?


I have been really screwed over by FedEx, who murdered my Windows 7 DAW in transit, and as a result I have had to get a new DAW built running Windows 10.
Can I install & use my WaveLab 7 on Windows 10 at all please? I see in the ‘discontinued products’ section of the support site that W7 & W8 but obviously W10 did not exist at that time so I don’t know if it will install, run or whatever.
Can someone please advise?

Have you tried installing it ?
I installed Wavelab 4 on my computer with no problems, but that was before the new no dongle registration process so it may not work now, I would suggest you try installing it and see if it works.

I’ve not as yet tried it, no.
I still have the license on my eLicenser so it should still work - I will try installing 7.2.1 plus the ‘Windows 8 compatibility patch’ and report back.