WaveLab 7 OSX Crashes a lot on exit


I’m experiencing quite a lot of problems with WaveLab 7 crashing when I’m quitting the software.
First reaction would be that it doesn’t matter since you want to quite anyway, but the problem is that is doesn’t save any presets I created during the session.

The problem seems to occur more often when I quit the software with the key combination: command + Q in stead of by mouse in the program menu.

I’m running OSX 10.7 on the latest Mac Pro with all the latest updates of the OS and WaveLab.

Anybody else also has this problem?
Will there be an update soon that will fix this problem?

I’m having a similar problem, but mine is that once I have quit the program once it won’t start up again unless I log out and then log back in again. Thanks for the assistance. I’m running the latest vr. of Wavelab Elements and OSX on a 15’ MBP w/ Retina.