Wavelab 7 - Previous View

Thanks to assistance from people on this forum, I’ve been taking advantage of the powerful Wavelab Spectrum Editor to remove clicks and pops from speech. I set up a shortcut for the waveform view and the spectrum editor view to quickly switch from one to the other.

However, I haven’t been able to figure out a way to retain my specific waveform zoom settings. When I return to waveform, the view is reset to default. While this isn’t a big deal for one or two view switches, it adds up to a considerable amount of extra time when making hundreds of switches over the course of a 10 hour audiobook.

Is there a way to switch to the previous view, retaining zoom settings? (I’m referring to both ctrl-scroll and shift-scroll zoom settings.)

Pictures describe this much better than words, so . . .

My preferred view (waveform heavily stretched vertically to see clicks and pops in between words).

And then I switch to Spectrum Editor to fix a pop.

And then I switch back to Waveform view. But now the view is reset, and I have to customize it again.

I appreciate any help on this! If there’s no method, then I heartily recommend this feature in a future update.


I agree but have you tried to lock upper and lower wave/Sync with the other view
in the Audio File window
and even try with Navigate backwards and forwards found in the menu / View

it’s possible to zoom in upper wave around your markers with click drag/mouse
and with cmd / ctrl

regards S-EH

Greetings, S-EH,

I’m a bit of a newbie, so you’ll have to break all that down for me. The only Sync View button I see just syncs the top and bottoms views, not the bottom waveform and bottom spectrum editor views, and in any case, it only syncs horizontal zoom, not vertical.

Re: markers, the example I gave above does not use markers.

Really, I think the default action in switching from one tab to another should be to retain the vertical and horizontal zoom settings. The only time I want the zoom settings to change is when I change them.

There has been discussion about zooming in Wavelab before, and PG stated that more zooming options (including presets IIRC) would become available in the next version. Not much help now, but a search for those topics may give you some more ideas.

There is unfortunatly no way in 7.x, but I confirm this will be solved in the next version.

Tony did you ever find a workaround for this?

This was fixed in Wavelab 8.