Wavelab 7 question

Hi All,

I want to pick up Wavelab 7 and it looks like the full version is only available in the boxed version.
I’d like to get right to work on a project, and I see there’s also a fully functional 30 day trial version.

Might I expect any problems if I download and install the trial with the trial license, then in a week or so
install the boxed cd version? Would the trial license and full version license sit side by side on my dongle?
Should I uninstall the trial and it’s license before installing the boxed version?

I once bought a plugin suite from my favorite online music retailer, and after I paid for it, my sales rep
opened the box and read me the activation# over the phone so I was able to start using the downloadable version
right away. I wonder if that would work with the WL trial version, so that I wouldn’t have to reactivate it?

Any thoughts?


Not sure about wavelab, but with Cubase you can just install the demo and update the license when you get your code later. No need to uninstall and reinstall after that. That is assuming that the wavelab demo has all the functionality in the program already. (note that it can be disabled for the demo, but still installed along with it.)

I believe when you install the demo, it places the license for a 30-day timed version in your dongle… when you purchase the full version, it overwrites this license, and I don’t think you even need to install the software. pretty sure

Thanks for your replies, guys.

Error – I don’t think it overwrites the temporary license, it adds a new one, but you won’t have to reinstall the software (and then you just delete the temporary license). Kind of how all Microsoft trial versions do it