Wavelab 7 will not open AIFF file


I have been sent some AIFF files to process. I try to open them in Wavelab 7 but the it gets stuck in the “Creating Peak File” procedure and I am not able to do anything. Whatsmore if I try to close the file then Wavelab won’t let me do it because it says that the file is being processed.

The files are AIFF 24bit files and they open just fine in Cubase 6.5.

Anyone who has any idea why this is happening? Wavelab should be able to open them if Cubase can I guess.


It can be a aiff header that is corrupted or WL doesn’t like for any reason
try in menu File / Open as…

! and before you do any experiment with parameters and try to playback file
turn down gain, level for speaker or headphones !
Why? if any parameter is wrong in here you get white digital loud noise !!!

In this dialog Special File Format
you can specify Sample format, Channels, Byte order and Sample rate

but don’t let the above scare you, if you know parameters and file looks ok
and playbacks fine then just save it to any file audio format.

or PG will tell why it doesn’t work with AIFF or AIF…

regards S-EH

If you have some sample file that I could analyse, I will know more.

Thank you for your replies. I will try S-EH’s suggestion and I will report back :slight_smile:

So it worked but it is playing back with a big amount of noise. Something which does not happen in Cubase.

Philippe, I could send you the file if you want to.

Just upload a small file here, as an attachement. Thanks.

It’s not really small unfortunately. And in order to cut it I will have to process it and the format may be not retained.
I could email it to you if you’d like.
Thanks you

Try to save in other audio format if it works in Cubase or other app
then you should be able to work with the audio file in WL
and even save it in WL in AIFF format if you need to !

regards S-EH