Wavelab 8 5.1 Render

Using 8.5.20 with an “additional” DVD configuration (6 channels Lf, Rf, Ls, Rs, C, LFE). 6 mono tracks in the montage. When I render “whole montage” multi-mono from the montage with “open as new audio montage” selected and no montage templates available, the rendered files open in a new 6 track montage, but all tracks are bussed to Center.

If I render to open in a template montage set up with the the “additional” config above (my preferred method), the rendered files open in a new 13 track montage (although the template was only 6 tracks). The first 6 tracks are bussed correctly (Lf, Rf, etc.), but the last 7 tracks are empty and must be deleted.

This doesn’t happen when rendering into a template montage in Wavelab 6.

Sounds like a bug. I take note.