Wavelab 8.5.10 does not see my CD/DVD burner


Upgraded to Wavelab 8.5.10 and my LG BH12LS38 ATA is not showing up for selection when importing from CD or burning a CD on my Window7 64bit system. :confused:

It works fine with all other authoring tools and utilities but not Wavelab 8.5.10.

All drivers and F/W have been updated.

I have read several threads in the forum but no luck getting it to work.

Any help would be most appreciated. :smiley:


Maybe this is an installation problem. I advise to download โ€œDriver_Installer_x86_x64.exeโ€
from this page:

and run it.

The link you gave me http://www.gearsoftware.com/support/drivers.php would not initially work.

I receive this message: โ€œUnable to install the GEAR driver set at this time. The GEARAspiWDM service use by the GEAR driver set is scheduled to be deleted during the next system reboot.โ€

I Googled the above and followed the instructions at this link.


After I completed the above, I reinstalled and now Wavelab 8.5.10 can see my CD/DVD drive.

Much thanks.