Wavelab 8.5.10 meta data

Please help. i think I have tried everything to render meta data to cd tracks from the montage space. Have entered all appropriate CD text and meta data. but the renders come up blank of meta data-. What could i be doing wrong. Apart from this love the program and expect to be using it for a long timeHave to get thios right!

to render meta data to cd tracks

What do you mean exactly by that?

I have a cd set up in the cd window. I can burn it and it work s fine audio wise but despite entering all my cd text and meta data, none of this burns onto theCDs so when I load the cd into iTunes there is track names composer etc

iTunes can’t read CD Text. It can only write CD Text. Try the CD in a text capable car player or CD player. jperkinski has a good explanation of all the specifics here:

Thanks but should I tunes read meta data?

The only thing that iTunes can see from an audio CD is how many tracks there are, and their lengths. From there, it finds a match in the Gracenote database to retrieve the metadata you like to see in iTunes like artist name, titles, and artwork. The computer you are using must have Internet access.

When my clients have this same question, I point them to this PDF I made:


However, you can render mp3 or AAC files from your montage that when loaded into iTunes directly (no audio CD involved), they will show all the metadata you’d like. It involves properly setting up the metadata box in the Montage to transfer all your CD-Text over to metadata on rendered files (different than burning a CD-R or making a DDP), and you can also add the album artwork in the metadata box.