WaveLab 8.5.10 Produktpflege-Update verfügbar

Liebe Foren-Mitglieder,

Steinberg hat heute ein Wartungsupdate für WaveLab 8.5 veröffentlicht. Die Version 8.5.10 enthält u.a. Verbesserungen in den Bereichen PlugIns, User Interface und Audio Montage. WaveLab 8.5 Kunden können das Update kostenlos von der Steinberg Website herunterladen.

Das Update und die WaveLab VersionHistory können hier heruntergeladen werden: WaveLab 8.5.10 Update

Weitere Informationen zu WaveLab 8.5 finden Sie hier: WaveLab 8.5 Produktseiten

Fixes und Verbesserungen


  • • When used as a clip effect, the plug-in the Compressor plug-in no longer shows a transparent background.
    • The input of parameter values via a keyboard no longer leads to display issues.
    • Rendering certain VST 3 effects used within the Master Section now works as expected.
    • Opening RND Portico plug-ins without activated license no longer renders the program unstable.
    • The plug-in settings of the RND Portico plug-ins now remain persistent when reloading plug-ins.
    • The Crystal Resampler combined with Smart Bypass no longer causes stability issues.
    • A fast removal of effect plug-ins from the Master Section no longer renders the program unstable.
    • Collapse folders within the plug-in settings dialog (in case all folders are expanded) now works as expected.

User interface

  • • A graphical error within the Phasescope settings dialog no longer appears.
    • A graphical issue with certain program menus has been resolved (Windows only, OS Style only).
    • The main window no longer maximizes automatically when hovering certain program icons with the mouse.

Audio Montage

  • • When importing an AES31 file, a user template can now be used.
    • An undo command conducted via the history list now also removes the visible flag correctly.

CD-related functionality

  • • The audio CD report now shows correct entries for an Audio Montage used with 48 kHz.
    • Burning a basic audio CD no longer fails in case certain CD-creation options have been activated.


  • • The maximum length in time for an audio file wrapped into a DDP file is now set to 99 minutes.
    • WaveLab can now be started from the Mac OS Dock even if the Watch Folders background process is active.
    • An incompatibility issue with the MP2 format has been resolved.
    • Saving Master section presets now works as expected.
    • Renaming of audio clips after auto-split now works as expected.
    • Converting one marker type into another now works as expected.
    • A stability issue with the FreeDB function “read track names” has been resolved.
    • The FreeDB submit dialog is now displayed correctly (Mac only).

Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der WaveLab 8.5 Version History.

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