WaveLab 8.5.20 x64 crashes on startup


as the subject states, the 64bit version crashes for me on startup, 32bit runs fine.

I tried:

  • Reinstalling
  • Deleting the settings data in AppData\Roaming
  • Resetting Window layout via the 32bit version

Nothing helped.

Debugging the crashed application, a “data misalignment” exception is shown. If needed, I also can provide a call stack, even though it is probably of limited help, since it doesn’t contain any line number information, of course.
Microsoft Visual Studio-2014-12-19-1.jpg
What could be wrong?

Same thing, if you don’t ‘Resetting Window layout via the 32bit version’ ?

Does the problem happen when scanning plugins, maybe?

Does the problem happen early or later (some UI displayed).

  1. Yes.
  2. No, it happens later.
  3. If the control window is active, I get a white control window with no content, but the main window does not show up.

Really you get this if
C:\Users[your name]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 8.5
does not exist at all?

Basically yes, although then, I get no exception, no main window, and the process just hangs after the plugin scan.

Ok, now it becomes ultimate fun! :slight_smile: The problem is actually a strange conflict between WaveLab x64 and the shell extension of the desktop client of www.owncloud.org. As soon as I delete the registration of that shell extension, it works.

Even though, deregistering this shell extension makes WaveLab x64 run again, it still would be good to check why this happens. There might be some instability in WaveLab. After all, no other x64 application crashed with this extension.

To me it feels like 8.5.20 x64 on win7 x64 is less stable then previous versions.
Strange things like disapearing settings, not starting, meters not showing up and things like that. Anyone else experiencing this?