Wavelab 8.5.30 known issues

Hi everyone. Excuse me if there is already a topic for this.

In June Steinberg released 8.5.30 patch for Wavelab, and I was excited to see the very extensive Bug fix & Known issues list in the version history PDF.

I am still in the middle of testing if everything that was broken works correctly, and at least WL doesn’t crash as often as it used to at my… very demanding hands.

However I have spotted a few very minor bugs. Both are actually graphical issues.

First, adjusting plug-ins make my cursor disappear. Frustrating, yes. It fixes itself by clicking on the effect, but sometimes it’s hard to find. I believe this only happens when using Waves.

And second, the selection box just wont go away. Here is the picture is as an attachment.
Both of these were carried from version 8.5.20.

So only one minor issue has any kind of effect on my workflow. What about you? What kind of bugs and issues have you come across in Wavelab 8.5.30? Also, have you noticed the same issues as I have and do you have a fix for these? Thanks!

Oh, also: my setup is Mac Pro using OS X Yosemite 10.10.4. CPU is 3,7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5 and it has 16 Gb of RAM (1866 MHz DDR3 ECC) and GPU is AMD FirePro D300 with 2048 Mb of memory.

Yes, there have been a fair amount of graphics issues between Waves and Wavelab whether it’s the disappearing cursor or other graphics distortions but I only have OS X to speak of.

If you look at the Waves website they only support up to Wavelab 8.0.3 on OS X which is unfortunate. For Windows they support up to 8.5

I don’t know if the issues are something that Wavelab should fix or if it’s on Waves to fix it but I recently emailed Waves and they say they are working hard to support 8.5.30.

It wouldn’t hurt for you to let Waves know you also want them to get their plugins supported in WL 8.5.30 for OS X so they don’t continue to put it off.

Aah so it is on Waves. Alright, I’ll make a ticket with my colleague. It makes the workflow stagger a bit too much.

Thanks for your reply!


Let me know if you hear anything other than “we’re working on it” from Waves. Aside from general Wavelab 8.5 support, did you mention your disappearing cursor issue? I use Waves so infrequently in Wavelab now that I forgot about this issue but it would be nice to have it resolved.

There was a new Waves installer released today but unfortunately no mention of WaveLab improvements.

However, I did some quick testing and the cursor doesn’t seem to disappear anymore like it did before when changing parameters in Waves plugins.

Maybe Waves fixed the issue but considered it too minor to add to the release notes.