Wavelab 8.5 crashes when rendering with mcdsp

Whenever I try to render wit mcdsp’s ML4000 Wavelab 8.5 crashes. I really like this plugin… anybody else have this issue and how to fix it?

If you’re using the VST3, try the VST2. If you’re using the VST2, try the VST3. The VST3 has 3 bars next to the name.

Also, maybe this is the same thing.
Don’t know the current status, you could ask mcdsp. If it’s still not possible to render normally without crashing in Wavelab, you could try loading the plugin in Patchwork (as the author suggests) or Metaplugin as a workaround to run the plugin in Wavelab. (it would probably stop the crashing even with the ML4000 VST versions, not just the AU version).