Wavelab 8.5 crashes when saving montage

Wavelab 8.5 crashes when saving montages every time. So I almost never get to save my wok. Don’t know what to do. Shall I reinstall? Can I do that without going through the hassle of registration/activation codes again?
OS 10.8.5 imac 2,4 / 4Gb /yours fransmo :cry:

How do you save, via the menu or CMD+S? And reinstalling will have no impact whatsoever on the license on your USB key…

I save through the menu “save as” function. I have now reinstalled 8.5 and still the same thing happens. What shall I do?

Mm, not sure what could be the reason. If you save to a network drive, try saving locally and see how that goes. Otherwise I don’t know, maybe PG has a suggestion…

Try moving the Preferences folder to a backup location; when Wavelab starts again, it should recreate the preferences. You will lose any special key commands and other settings, but you can put individual files back until you find the corrupt file causing the problem.
Often the problem is the General.Dat file. Start by removing that to a backup location and see if that fixes the problem.
(The folder is in Users//AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Wavelab 8/Preferences if you are using Windows.
On a Mac, it is in the Library folder somewhere…