WaveLab 8.5: Editing Super Clips and Auto Save


when editing a super clip and the auto save functionality is enabled. then, auto saving triggers also a rendering of the super clip. In my opinion, this should not happen for two reasons:

  1. Rendering interrupts playback as well as the whole workflow.
  2. It also overwrites the previous version of the super clip audio without the user wanting that and without the editing being finished.

For super clips, auto save should save the clip but not render it.

I can’t reproduce a problem with a quick test…

Are you speaking about the auto backup function, same montage every X minutes?

Are you using external montages or internal montages, as super clips?

What is changed, the main montage, or one or more of the sub montages?


In this case, I dragged a separate montage into the workspace and opened it as an internal montage.

It happens when the submontage is open for editing.

I still can’t reproduce this. When does the auto rendering happens? As I understand you, this happens anytime when the auto save happens, “just sitting and looking at the screen”. Can you confirm this?

Yes, exactly. And is WL is playing back at that moment, playback stops.

Actually, to be exact, I cannot say for sure if it is auto save. It just happens in a regular pattern and since saving also renders, I thought, it must be auto save.

I found it now. This will be corrected for next path.