Wavelab 8.5 Encoder error: Sampling Frequency

Is there any chance the encoder checker will be able to handle higher sampling frequency´s in the future other than 44,1kHz??

As I upsample the audio files to get a broader band for the distortion that could happen so it will be minimised as I downsample it again.

The encoder checker can handle other sample rates than 44.1 kHz.
What it can’t do, is to compare files/encodings that have difference sample rates (this won’t change).

The encoder checker in WL 8.5 is a great value and has good features and the rating system is very clever, but one thing that Sonnox Pro Codec does that i find valuable is to output the “difference”. It other words, when you are listening through a certain codec setting, you can listen to just what the codec is filtering from the audio to make it a compressed file.

It’s quite interesting. Maybe it’s something to consider adding in the future.

Yes please.