wavelab 8.5, focusrite scarlett 2i2 cant record?

“PROBLEMS PLEASE HELP” I am trying to record internally in wavelab 8.5 64 from my media player or from any other source in that case and i can not get a sound. I am using the scarlett 2i2 as my sound card and i get nothing. I am using windows 7 pro64bit, Any info would be great please help. I am trying to use a function that old soundblaster cards had called “what u hear” …

If the digital mixer in your soundcard doesn’t offer it’s main output signal as a digital signal like those soundblaster cards, then your only option is to wire the outputs straight back to the inputs and record that :slight_smile:

well there is a problem with that also, the sound quality doing that is horrible. i understand that the 2i2 does not have a loop back function. so i tried engaging the stereo mix option and running that as my recording device threw the scarllet in wavelab and still no luck. i read briefly on a subject concerning this and from what i read windows 7 stops loop back? Does wavelab try to stop loop back also? i have a msi z97a mother board/sound card if that helps. The scarlett 2i2 is a usb interface so isnt that a digital signal?. I do know there is a major problem with working with the scarlett 2i2 and wavelab 8.5, together. Something is not working properly for sure, but i would assume since my interface is 1 of the most popular 1,s out there that wavelab would fix this? or is this the interfaces fault? im lost


Sorry to hear that you’re having some problems with your 2i2.

As has been noted in this thread, the 2i2 does not have any sort of internal loopback feature (though our Saffire and Clarett interface ranges do). As such, it’s not possible to record the output from the 2i2 back into your software without creating a physical loop (from outputs to inputs).

In order to do this, you’d need two 1/4 inch jack cables (preferably balanced) to loop from the two line outputs back to the line inputs. You’d then need to switch the Direct Monitor switch to ‘Off’, turn the Monitor dial up, turn the gain dials up a bit and then hit record in Wavelab. To avoid a feedback loop, you’ll then need to mute Wavelab while the recording takes place.

If you have files that you’re playing with media player, you could always simply import these into Wavelab directly, rather than recording them.

I hope this helps, if you have any problems please feel free to contact us directly: http://focusrite.com/answerbase/contact-0

Best regards,
Jack // Focusrite Technical Support

I’m glad I saw this. I’m researching this card and I use Wavelab. Was this issue taken care of in the 2nd Gen card?