Wavelab 8.5 plugings Management

How can I chose witch plugin I see in Wavelab 8.5 , I tried to add some name in my ignore list but they still show up in the pluging menu, like Nomad factory I don’t have the full version only the one registered for Sonar Platinum.

In the options tab you need to select Plug-in settings… and then move over to the “organize tab”.

You can choose what plugins you see in your list. You can also designate what ones you want to be in your favorites section, or the post slot etc. It’s great.

See in my attached picture that I disabled all the VST2 version of my Waves plugins for example. This way I don’t see both VST2 and VST3 options.

For my UAD plugins, I have unchecked the plugins I don’t own because UAD installs all their plugins for you and most people don’t like to see all of them, just the ones they own.