Wavelab 8.5 wav file size import limit?

Using the latest update Wavelab 8.5.0 (build 849) 64-bit
I also had this issue in Wavelab 8

I generally make large files from protools during the work day. The average file size that I bounce out of protools is 4Gb. However, there are times those file sizes can be as large as 6Gb.

These files are wave RF64, 96Hkz/24-bit, 4608kbps, 2-channel PCM

Wavelab will not process (build wave peak data/gpk) on files larger than 4.1Gb - at least for me.
However, these files are readable in Audicaty, VLC, ProTools, and Sony SoundForge (and some other programs).

Is there an unwritten file size limit for Wavelab? Is there a 64-bit version of the software? Would using the 64-bit software version actually fix the issue, or is this going to be a problem where the software engineers simply assumed that no one would be working with large files in wavelab?

Thanks for any input.

Ehm, you already stated you were using the 64-bit version?

Current version is 8.5.10, not 8.5.0
This being said, there is no problem building peak files for waves bigger than 4gb. This is common. Even for wavelab 32 bit.
What is exactly happening?

What exactly is happening:

Record 24/96 with ProTools > output single stereo file 24/96 BWF (whatever the ProTools native wav encapsulate is) > open file in WaveLab - at this point, WaveLab shows the file tab open, but does not render the peak data (generate gpk). Since I do this multiple times per day, I have kept track. If the file generated by ProTools is larger than 3.99 Gb, WaveLab will not process the file. If WaveLab records the file, the filesize does not matter; I routinely record 24/96 wav files in stereo through WaveLab, and it generates files larger than 5Gb all the time.

According to the EBU, BWF is basically a 32-bit format, however there was an update that changes the IDtag in the header from RIFF into RIFF64 and is suppose to work “automagically”. . .

The files output from ProTools are able to be processed by Audicaty, VLC, Sony SoundForge Pro, Peak Pro 7 and others.

Could there be a difference in the wav header that ProTools produces and what WaveLab expects?
Why will WaveLab not recognize RF64, which in theory might fix my problem?

WaveLab recognizes RF64 for sure.
I would need to put my hands on one of your files, to make a test. Is this possible?

I think I just discovered the issue.

I took one of the files (5.1Gb via PT) and rendered it RF64 via Audicaty, changed the extension to .wav and opened it in WaveLab no problem.

The issue appears to be ProTools…

More testing!