Wavelab 8.5 (When in June?)

Nowhere in this upgrade pre-amble does it say (or indicate) that this upgrade will provide MFit spec AAC’s.

“AAC Encoder Encode straight to AAC formats including HE-AAC. HE-AAC v2, HD-AAC and 3GPP, for compatibility to Apple products, such as iTunes, iPod and iPhone”

I am certain that I read this AAC encoder update is merely one to allow you to create AAC compatible files - not to create Apple-ready MFit files…


WaveLab 8.5 will be available mid of June 2014 for €/$ 49.99.

“Mid” - I put it about the 14th or 15th ot 16th…


Bruce - MfiT masters are WAV or AIFF, but I can make valid refs with any spec encoder, and my WL8 chain - presently that involves an additional external step involving the Apple encoder. So that’s still there, as is the Afclip step. The thing is, I can use TruePeak meter and reliably produce WAVs and AIFFs that pass afclip and meet spec, and have tested this to a level of confidence that I’d consider skipping that step in WL8.5. So assuming WL8.5’s AAC’s null on a roundtrip with Apple’s tool, I’d trust that as well. Only way to know how well this works is test.

What I do know is that MP3s from WL8 really do sound better with the MfiT workflow/spec. I’m guessing there’s not a lot of magic behind the curtain, but I guess we’ll find out.

Either way $50 won’t break the bank.

Well - that makes more sense. When I first read your post - it sounded kinda like there was going to be a button in 8.5 that says “Press here to make a genuine Apple MFIT AAC file”.


That’s Friday 13th. Obviously no-one in Steinberg is superstitious!

Actually, it’s available now (Thurs 12th) - follow the purchase link in the announcement message above.