Wavelab 8 as my external editor with Cubase 7.5 x64?

How do I setup so I can use Wavelab 8 as my external editor with Cubase 7.5 x64?

I want to highlight a clip in Cubase 7 ----> “open”/“send” a clip to Wavelab 8- editor automatically.
I know I can “drag & drop” files from Cubase 7 to Wavelab…but that isn’t the same thing. :wink:

Is it possible? I seem not to find the feature? :unamused:

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One guy here, Arjan, has this figured out, maybe he will chime in. But be advised, he has some very specific gear that is available only on the used market. I can’t do what he is doing with my gear, for example, and I have 16 outputs. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t do that. This is not possible in Cubase. The only place you can integrate Wavelab is in the ‘Export Audio Mixdown’ dialogue. Here you can specify Wavelab in the Post Process menu.

Thanks both of you, my friends! :slight_smile:
Okay I see. I hope Steinberg see this and that it gave Steinberg an idea to implement this new feature? :bulb:
I think many would like this.

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Yeah, like stingray said, it’s only opening a file from the export audio in Cubase into Wavelab that’s possible. Not how it used to be pre Cubase 4 (IIRC), where Wavelab could be integrated in a way that after editing there, the edited file was directly showing in the Cubase project.

I think mr roos was referring to me using Cubase and Wavelab at the same time, where Wavelab records my outboard mix while Cubase plays its tracks, both using the same audio interface (not so much legacy at all though…) :wink:

Aha! :slight_smile:
Using the same audio interface with Cubase is not legacy. :wink:
Thanks for explaining this to us and your nice reply.

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Wasn’t it the first Cubase SX (CubaseVST32 would be the last to integrate with Wavelab) that lost this feature because of the added feature of multiple undo’s? Anyway that is the reason I always read why Steinberg dumped that feature. IMO it was a wonderful feature saving lots of time and LOTs of clicks.

I guess when looking at the big picture, there aren’t that many users of both Cubase and Wavelab. In another thread, PG didn’t even realize what I was writing about when I was begging for this feature to be returned. It’s a Cubase issue not a Wavelab problem.

Imagine, double clicking on a audio part in Cubase, and within seconds Wavelab is open with that very same audio file ready to be edited.

Edit the file in Wavelab, then double click the audio part in Cubase…and the audio file is automatically updated in Cubase within a couple seconds! It was so wonderful.

But alas…workflow features don’t sell new units of Cubase anymore. Apparently Loop Mash improvements do. :mrgreen:

I’m sure you’re right, as I wasn’t sure at all if it was SX or before that…

I’m afraid you’re right… I wouldn’t mind getting that integration back at the cost of losing earlier undo steps in Cubase. I mean, if it’s a conscious decision it would be up to the user. Shouldn’t be so hard to program… Maybe Philippe can talk to his Steiny friends over on the second floor? :laughing: PG?

There is will to improve Steinberg applications’ interoperability. We’ll see.

I understand there would be a an increase in cost with this suggestion… but it really makes sense to make Cubase truly a soup-to-nuts production application by integrating Wavelab. Steinberg could still sell it separately for non Cubase users but also make it part of Cubase for 100% integration within the app.

While I don’t know about costs, IMO this was my #1 feature of all time eliminated with the start of CubaseSX. Wavelab-Cubase integration worked with CubaseVST32 and Wavelab 4.

It truly was a fantastic feature:

  1. Double click on the wave part in the arrange page in Cubase, and within seconds Wavelab opens with that same wave open.

  2. Make your edits to the wave in Wavelab.

  3. In Cubase double click again on that same wave part in the arrange page…and the wave is updated in Cubase!

It was fantastic workflow and integration…apparently lost because many were requesting multiple undo’s.