wavelab 8 effectes

hello. I am new to this forum and a new user of wavelab 8. I have a question about the effects. I was watching a video on wavelab 8 to get use to the features and learn how to navigate. I was clicking along with whatever the person was doing on screen. anyway we got to the effects section and plugins and I don’t have any. when the guy on the computer was demonstrating he clicked on the icon to the left on effects section (looks like a head unit) then clicked on Steinberg I was doing the same he was. when he clicked on it all these plugins showed up, ex. I saw eq, delay, instrument etc… when I clicked on it I don’t have those at all. is there something I am missing. I don’t know.

The person that made the video may have purchased some more plugins (effects) from some 3rd party companies that work within Wavelab. Wavelab comes with some very basic plugins only.

VST plugins (effects) work within Wavelab.

That’s right, some people have more than the regular amount of plugins, but Wavelab does come with quite a few: 35, if we’re talking the full version (from the pdf ‘List of included VST 3 plug-ins’). WL elements still has 17, so if you don’t see any, something is wrong with your installation.