Wavelab 8 Elements vs Wavelab 8

I am a new Cubase 7 convert and also recently purchased Halion 5.

I do a lot of composing and sound design and am interested in Wavelab for mainly editing field recordings and home made samples for use in small films and documentaries…music for live theater etc. I downloaded the Wavelab 8 demo and it’s light years ahead of Audacity which I have used for years but it has a ton of stuff I don’t need.

My question is does Elements have the same audio editor and the same editor functionality as WL 8? Same appearance? Don’t care about all the plugs except for the denoiser plugs and those already come in Elements.

I looked at the comparison list on the Steinberg site and the only thing I could see that I would truly miss would be the spectrum editing but there were also a lot of yellow (limited functionality) check marks on important features. Any advice? I love the seamless integration of WL 8 with Halion 5. I’m hoping Elements would integrate the same way.

Thanks for any help.

Andy B

The editor is basically the same (same appearance in all cases), but WaveLab has superior time stretching and pitch correction, and also has audio error detection and correction tools. And also the spectrum editor, as you already mentionned.
I am speaking of the audio editor (classical destructive editing). On the other hand, the Audio Montage is far more enhanced in WaveLab.

Thanks for the info, Philippe.

Timestretch would also be nice and the audio montage is a very cool feature. Decisions decisions…

Andy B