Wavelab 8 LE

What is the difference between Wavelab 8, Wavelab 8 Elements and Wavelab 8 LE?

I still have Wavelab 4. Is there and upgrade path to any of these products?

Sorry for being OT, I cannot post in the Wavelab forums

WaveLab 8 product brochure

WaveLab – List of included VST 3 plug-ins

Mainly interested in LE, as there’s a Magware available in Germany currently

I’d imagine Wavelab LE will be lacking.
If it’s free with a magazine then it can’t hurt to try for yourself I guess??

Wavelab 6 is now the earliest version you can upgrade…though there is an upgrade from LE to Elements which would save you some money if Elements is all you need.

Let me put it this way: If you own Cubase at all, there is no feature in LE that Cubase cannot take care of (the advantage would be if you prefer the user interface for working with audio). Period.