Wavelab 8 - Malware ?

Just upgraded to wavelab 8 !
I scannet my computer with Malwarebytes pro and it found 1 infected file ???
Trojan/ransom/ tracker.exe ???
I delete the file and the program still Works
If its not a trojan … ???
Best regards

Strange …
just downloaded ver. 8.03
uninstalled 8.01 (downloaded yesterday ) restart and installed ver. 8.03

NO INFECTED FILE were detected in this version ???

You do realise that virus and malware checkers don’t always get it right, don’t you? These things don’t put out a flag saying “I’m malware!”, and some of the detection is done by inspired guesswork (called heuristics in the descriptions).


Hi Paul
Thanks for your reply !
I´m aware of the risk and was just curios to know about the “tracker.exe” it could be something that the program used for whatever ???
So if someone says … be careful … that file is used by " that function" in the program … and is NOT a trojan !