wavelab 8 on mac crashes on opening

I am using Wavelab 8 on a mac OS 10.6.8

Wavelab 8 had been working fine for months, in fact 7 is installed and still works fine… but a couple days ago I opened a .DAT file on version 8 and when I closed the program it decided to never open again.
It just crashes on start up.
I have trashed prefs and reinstalled the entire program and still get the same crash.

Anyone have any ideas on why it would be doing this?
I upgraded to 8 as 7 was so buggy… now this, i really feel like i should have just switched it out to something else.

if anyone can help it would be really appreciated.


Are you sure you trashed the right preferences?
They are located there:
/Users/[YourName]/Library/Caches/Steinberg/WaveLab 8

I’m having the same issue. I’ve followed your directory path to find the preferences to trash, however there isn’t a Steinberg folder in my Caches folder. I’ve attempted to spotlight find that folder as well without any luck.